Firey ★
Firey EoP
Title Firey the Charizard
Assassin's Creed-obsessed basement dweller/> King Firey of Pokemon Mountain
Age Unknown
Species Charizard (formerly Charmander and Charmeleon)
Gender Male
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Theme song None
Appearances Skylanders: Elements of Phazon
"Flaming Awesome"
—Firey's catchphrase

Firey is a Charizard. He is a Fire and Air dual type Skylander. He is one of Portal Master Sackboy's Skylanders. He is friends with Drago, and Gondria.  


He was a baby Charmander born in the Pride Flames. He was a orphan. One day, Drago came, and adopted him. One day he became a Charizard. Then Porky stormed Drago's treehouse, and Drago fought Porky. That inspired him to be a Skylander. He passed all tents, and he became a Skylander. Then Portal Master Sackboy adopted him as his Skylander. Soon he figured out about his true parents, Charizard rulers of The Pokemon Mountain. Then a evil Mightyna wizard name Max , killed his parents, and took over the moutain. Firey came back to Pokemon Mountain, and defeated Max, so he can rule Pokemon moutains, and be a good king. 


Starting Powers

  • Flame Breath- He breathes fire.
  • Wind Radio- Turns on one Radio of Wind to damage villains.

Basic Upgrades 

  • Lava Breath- Turns his fire breath into lava.
  • Flying Ace- Makes Firey fly. 
  • Loud Radio- Makes wind radio cause more damage.

Wind beats (Upgrades Wind radio)

  • 3 radio- Makes 3 Wind radios 
  • Walking radio- Makes wind radio walk
  • Strong beats- Makes radio stronger 

Fire breather (Upgrades fire breath)

  • Triple Breath- He breathes 3 fire at one time 
  • Giant breath- His fire breath turns big 
  • Flamethrower mouth- He breaths flamethrower flames 

Soul Gem 

  • Tornado power- Turns himself into a tornado 


He looks like a normal Charizard with a hat, and 2 necklaces. One Air Element symbol, and one Fire Element symbol. 

Other forms

Blue Fire Firey

When Firey gets the powers of the Water crystal, he looks like an Mega Charizard version of him, and his fire breath is stronger. 

Shiny Firey

When Firey gets the power of the Magic crystal, he looks like an Shiny version of him. He can breathe plasma.


  • Has a crush on Cynder.
  • Shiny Firey's ability to breathe plasma is similar to Ridley, who can also breathe plasma.

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