Doom ★
Title Doom the Charizard
Age Unknown
Species Charizard (formerly Charmander and Charmelon)
Gender Male
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Theme song None
Appearances None
"Doom is Here", Doom's catchphrase.  Doom is a dark Charizard who is one of Portal Master Evil's "Skylanders". He is of the Fire Element.


Doom was once a rampaging Charizard, causing destruction by smashing houses, and even eating people. One day, Doom came across Portal Master Evil, who manged to tame him. Evil gave Doom a set of metal armor and gear, and had him join his group of "Skylanders".


Doom has black scales and wears silver armor on his head, body, tail, and arms.

Trivia Edit

  • Doom is different from Firey by only being a fire element. 

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