"Blown Away."-Crystal's Catchphrase

Description Edit

Vital statistics
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Crystal ★
Title Crystal
Age 12 years
Species Wind dragon
Gender Female
Residence Skylands
Abilities/talents Wind powers,ESP
Theme song Blown Away (Carrie Underwood)
Appearances Skylanders:Spyro's Adventure Skylanders:Wind and Moon Skylanders:Giants Skylanders:Fire and Ice
Crystal is a beautiful white and her horns are a shimmering silver.Her wings are feathered and she has clear tail spikes on her tail.Her eyes are a lovely crystal blue,and on her forehead she wears a delicate silver head band on her head decorated with a tear drop moonstone.

Personality Edit

  1. Crystal is confident and kind of snooty. She is very spiteful at times and she likes to showoff a lot. She has good friends and is nice to them,but other than that she likes to mess around with them and have fun with them. She also likes to joke with her friends and play devils advocate, but she can be serious and defensive of her friends and she knows when to stop joking around, she is also sarcastic and funny.

Bio Edit

  1. Crystal's father,King Spike,was once guarding her egg,And then,the demonites,evil creatures with the body of a wolf,wings of a bat,and the head of a bird,attacked him,and killed him.Spike's death caused an avalanche,And the demonites died too.But luckily,Spike's sister,Lily,came into the cave,and she saw the egg and rolled it out of the way of the falling rocks, and she risked her life to save the egg by rolling it under sturdy stone to protect it.When the avalanche was done,an earth dragon named Zern found crystal's egg and he decided to take it to a nice,safe place.But as he was leaving,he noticed,among the many crushed eggs,was a smooth,rio red egg.He took it with the other egg.He took the two eggs to a beautiful valley called Amber Valley.In a nice place called the silver caves,behind the crystal waterfall,Zern found the place to nurse the draclings.Soon,they hatched,the red one was a boy,and the white one was a girl.He named the girl"Crystal"and the boy"Firestone"They grew well and happy.But soon,the demonites found them and their cave.They were led by an areana owner,who wanted to capture dragons and put them in his arena.When Zern tried to fight them off,he was killed,Firestone was captured,and Crystal just stood there in shock as her god father fell to grounds scratched with blood,and watched Firestone as he was chained and put into an iron cage,then dragged along to a distant land were the arena was.Crystal cried for days and days.One day she went to the wish river,and she found a beautiful silver head band charmed with a moonstone.She wore it,and that made her feel a little bit better.She than left Amber Valley,and when she did,she found a village on fire!She saved everyone!Including Master Eon,who was staying in a hotel,he saw her amazing and heroic deeds and came to her after that and asked her to become a skylander.She took it gratefully and she was happy when Firestone came to the Skylanders and they had a big party.Now Crystal battles evil from all over skylands!
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