"Head Smash!"
—The Cactus Wolf's Catchphrase
Cactus Wolf ★
Cactus Wolf
Title The Cactus Wolf
Age 26
Species Cactus/Wolf Chimera
Gender Male
Residence {{{residence}}}
Abilities/talents {{{abilities/talents}}}
Theme song And El Mariachi
Appearances None (so far)

Cactus Wolf is a Skylander of the Tech Element. He is one of Portal Master Evil's Skylanders. He is rivals with Almost Mecha Lion and Ultimate Chimera. He is friends with Darkhowl.


He was searching for Almost Mecha Lion. He fell into the same portal of Skylands that he fell into. He found Portal Master Evil. He brainwashed him so he couldn't remember about anything. 


  • He was enemys with FASSAD until the mother 3 part.

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