"Fly or Freeze"
—Breeze's official catchphrase

Breeze is an ice bird Skylander of the Air Element for Skylanders Rampagers. 


She was was an member of the Airship fixer company. One day, Kaos wanted his mega warship to get upgraded. Everyone disagreed, and Kaos decided to blow up their building. Then when it happened, Breeze decided to find the Wispy wisp. When she found it, it gave her breeze like powers. She can fly, and she can breath ice winds. So she decided to face Kaos. She found Kaos his fortress. They had an big battle. Then at the end Breeze won. After Eon saw her face Kaos, he named her a Skylander.


Basic attacks

  • Ice winds- Makes ice winds that damage enemies.

Tornado dash- Dashes in a enemy damaging tornado.

Basic upgradesEdit

  • Raging Winds- Makes the icy winds stronger.

Fly Bird Fly- Breeze can fly.

Spiknado- Makes the tornado dash have spikes.

Wind master (Upgrades Ice winds)Edit

  • Two Who - Doubles ice winds

Blizzard- Makes ice winds bigger.

Say Freeze- Ice winds freeze enemies.

Disaster Master (Upgrades Tornado dash)Edit

  • Storngado- Gives tornado more power

3 Times the Charm- Triple the tornado.

Icenado- Makes the tornado icy.

Soul GemEdit

  • Blizzard of death- Creates a big blizzards that harm any enemy. 

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