"A Beat-All Beetle!"
—B.T.L.'s official catchphrase.

B.T.L ★
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Species Cyborg Termite
Gender Male
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Appearances Skylanders: Global Defenders
B.T.L. is a Tech element Skylander for Skylanders: Global Defenders.




B.T.L was once a simple termite, until the day he wandered off from the mound and fell into a vat of toxic waste, which made him bigger. A greedy tycoon took notice of this and equipped B.T.L. with the finest technology and set him to work in the mines. When he saw native people were also forced to work in the mines, he planned an escape with the people, getting the attention of Master Lila, who offered him to be one of Earth's Skylanders.



Note: These are the Skylander's stats when at Level 1 and without doing any heroic challenges.

Note: These stats are not used to determine how strong the character is in-game.

  • Speed: 60
  • Power: 15
  • Armor: 75
  • Luck: 90



  • "A Beat-All Beetle!" (official catchphrase)
  • "Pretty good numbers, right?" (opening stats screen)
  • "Now I can look good while I work." (after equipping a hat)


  • It is confirmed that B.T.L. stands for "Bionic Termite Leonard".

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