Arachnus ★
Arachnus artwork
Title Arachnus
Age 23
Species Arachnus
Gender Male
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Theme song VS. Arachnus - Metroid Fusion
Appearances Skylanders: Elements of Phazon
"Rolly Phony Not!"
—Arachnus' catchphrase

Arachnus is a Skylander of the Dark Element. He is friends with Ridley, and is one of Portal Master Sackboy's Skylanders. He is also rivals with Imango.


After the events of the Metroid series, Arachnus went searching for Ridley. He found a portal of Skylands, and he found Ridley. He was later attacked by Portal Master Porky, but he won the battle. Ridley suggested for Arachnus to go to the Jr. Skylanders Club. He completed all the tents, and became a Skylander. Later, Portal Master Sackboy chose him.


Starting attacksEdit

  • Roll- Arachnus rolls to attack bad guys.
  • Claw Wave- Arachnus launches sonic waves at enemies.

Basic upgrades Edit

  • Spikey ball- Arachnus can roll into a spikey ball to do more damage. 
  • Earthquake- Arachnus causes an earthquake for a few seconds, stunning enemies and defeating smaller enemies.
  • Double Wave- Arachnus can do two Claw Waves. 

Ball time (Upgrades ball ability) Edit

  • Spring a Ding- Arachnus can jump while rolling.
  • Big Roll- Makes the ball Arachnus can roll into bigger 
  • Razor Ball- Turns the ball into a razor.

Claw, and Quake (Upgrades Claw wave and Earthquake powers) Edit

  • Sharp Wave- Adds big claws in Claw wave 
  • Longquake- Makes the Earthquake longer
  • Lava stuffing- Adds Lava to Earthquake

Soul GemEdit

  • Fire Pool- Arachnus creates a fire pool that damages enemies. (Requires Soul Gem in Volcano Island
Skylanders: Elements of Phazon

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