Anarky is an optional boss in the game Skylanders: Legends. His existance is a reference to the RPG games that have an optional boss that is more powerful than the final boss.


He is more evil that Kaos' Mom. He has a tendency to shout out the names of his attacks before using them. He uses the eternal sources to empower his own abilities


First Stage: AirEdit

  • Flying Blades: Throws knives that are carried by the wind
  • Hurricane Inhaler: Spins around sucking enemies in
  • Storm Form: Turns into a thundercloud
  • Thunder Boomerang: Throws a lightning bolt that returns to him

Second Stage: WaterEdit

  • Whale Assault: A whale falls from the sky
  • Boiling Slam: Stomps creating a puddle of boiling hot water
  • Star Roll: Rolls a starfish
  • Torrential Arrow: Fires a watery arrow from a crossbow

Third Stage: EarthEdit

  • Hammer Crush: Swings a massive hammer
  • Rock Stomp: Causes an earthquake
  • Horn Hammer: Charges forward
  • Stone Hammer: A large stone falls from the sky

Fourth Stage: LifeEdit

  • Acorn Cannon: Shoots an acorn
  • Sequoia Pounce: A fast paced strike
  • Axe Slam: Swings an axe
  • Blade Stab: A quick jab with a sword

Fifth Stage: TechEdit

  • Gear Gun: Shoots a gear
  • Robo Beam: A powerful laser
  • Spark Rockets: Electric missiles
  • Gear Punch: Uses gears to extend a fist

Sixth Stage: UndeadEdit

  • Haunted Fly: Turns into a ghost and flies around
  • Nether Haymaker: Summons fists from the underworld
  • Phantom Swarm: Summons a ton of ghosts
  • Sword Master: Swings a sword

Seventh Stage: FireEdit

  • Cannon Fire: Shoots flaming cannonballs
  • Fire Burst: Explodes
  • Mortar Shower: Shrapnel rains down
  • Cannonball Bash: Drops a cannonball directly in front

Eighth Stage: MagicEdit

  • Brain Blast: Psychic attack
  • Levitate: Flies around
  • Mystic Pound: Slams a scepter
  • Surrealistic Blade: Swings a sword

Ninth Stage: LightEdit

Tenth Stage: DarkEdit


  • Each stages has a weapon that is always seen during that stage, no matter what attack is being used
    • Air has a lightning bolt
    • Water has a crossbow
    • Earth has a hammer
    • Life has a sword
    • Tech has a bazooka
    • Undead has a sword
    • Fire has a cannon
    • Magic has a scepter
    • It is unknown what Light and Dark have

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