Almost Mecha-Lion ★
Title The Almost Mecha-Lion
Age 17
Species Lion/Robot Chimera
Gender Male
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Theme song Astonishing March - Mother 3
Appearances Skylanders: Elements of Phazon
"Eat or Feel Defeat!"
—The Almost Mecha Lion's catchphrase

The Almost Mecha-Lion is a Skylander of the Tech Element. He is one of Portal Master Sackboy's Skylanders. He is friends with Ultimate Chimera, Arachnus, and Firey. He is rivals with Cactus Wolf.


One day, the Almost Mecha-Lion was looking for Ultimate Chimera, and he found a portal. He jumped in, and he found a battle between Spyro, and Malefor. He was then interested in being a Skylander. He found Jr. Skylanders Club, and decide to enter. He completed all the tents, and became a Skylander. Then Portal Master Sackboy adopted him with Aranchuas, and Firey. 


Starting Attacks

  • Bite- He bites the enemies.
  • Mecha Dash- He dashes and makes a forcefield, and damages bad guys.

Basic Upgrades

  • Mega Bite- Makes his mouth bigger, dealing extra damage on enemies.
  • Plasma Dash- Adds swirling plasma to the forcefield.
  • Drill Shot- He shoots drills out of his tail, which damages bad guys. 

Dash time (Upgrades Mecha Dash)

  • Big Dash- Makes the dash bigger.
  • Spiky Master- Adds spikes to Mecha Dash.
  • Power Dash- Makes dash stronger, and lasts longer.

Body Ace (Upgrades Bite, and Drill shot)

  • Metal braces- Adds braces to his bite power to add more damage 
  • Triple shot- adds 3 drills
  • Mane shot- Shoots out all of the drills in his mane                                     

Soul gem 

  • Mecha Lion Storm- Up to three clones can help you for a short time.


  • The Almost Mecha-Lion is like Ultimate Chimera. They are Tech Skylanders, former villains, former Pigmask Army members, and are owned by Portal Masters.


Skylanders: Elements of Phazon

He appears in Da Deep Element Part 1. He went in the woods to find Spyro, then he and Flashwing found each other, then they fell under Lucas' control, along with Sunburn. Later, he pushed Gill Grunt off a bench.


Skylanders EoP

"I smell the smell of cyborgs"
—Almost Mecha Lion smelling Stylo in the forest, Da Deep Element Part 1
Skylanders: Elements of Phazon

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