This is a thought about the villians in Skylanders trap teamEdit

So remember that this is only a thought!

For a couple of months ago I wrote a comment on the page Skylanders Trap Team Characters Yet there I mentioned that there maybe would be different kinds of Villians in the game. And if you look at them, you see that I`m maybe had right! Just Look at it.

Small/Ordinary VilliansEdit

(those you`ve seen pictures on there they haven`t been traped but just defeated)

Bomb Shell (Magic)

Cross Crow (Water)

Brawlrus (Tech)

Graniad (Fire)

Buzzer Beak (Air)

Tussle Sprout (Earth)

Chompy (Life)

Shield Shredder (Life)

Bone Chompy (Undead)

Big Bad VilliansEdit

(Those you probably only will meet once, and who`s not helpers or main villians)

Pain-Yatta (Magic)

Shrednaught (Tech)

Bruiser Cruiser (Tech)

Scrap Shooter (Fire) (Can also be Smoke Scream)

Krankenstein (Air)

Grave Clobber (Earth)

Sheep Creep (Life) (I know it looks pretty weird but you only meet him ones and I don`t think he helps you)

Hood Sickle (Undead)


(Those who can help the skylanders, I wrote why I think they are helpers too)

Rage Mage (Magic) makes them faster

Chill Bill (Water) freezes the enemies

Smoke Scream (Fire) maybe makes a fog that only you can see threw

Bad Juju (Air) maybe makes you stronger, looks like he do something like that

Chomp Chest (Earth)  maybe shoots out money to collect

Broccoli Guy (LIfe) heals you

Masker Mind (Undead) maybe makes not traped enemies work for you

doom raidersEdit

This is actually pretty comformed already

Kaos (Kaos element)

Dr. Krankase (Tech)

Gulper (Water)

Chef Pepper Jack (Fire)

Golden Queen (Earth)

Dreamcather (Air)

Chompy Mage (Life)

Wolfgang (Undead)

Those I have no idea aboutEdit

If you notised it, you will know that on the poster it`s two more tech, water and life villians. Because of that I don`t know where to put some of them, so I put them here.

Troling Thunder (Tech)

Mad Lobs (Tech) (Probably Helper)

Slobber Trap (Water)

Threatpack (Water)

Brawl & Chain (Water) (Big or Small)

Cockoo Clocker (Life) (Probably Big, but you see him die without being trapped)

Under here, you see my thought of the unreleased characterfiles. On the skylanderside I think there will be 2 new cores, 2 new Trap Masters/ Giants/ Swappers and also 4 New minis based on them in the new element Space (only a thought!). And on the villian side I think there will be a Magic and a Space Main villian, three more villians in kaos element and three more in space element.


My thought of the rest of the characters

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